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Think Big! Live Large! Yes. You. Can!!

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Think Big! Live Large! Yes. You. Can!!

January 20, 2018      In Shelley's Blog No Comments


Do you think the creator of this masterpiece (pictured), this lasting legacy which we discovered in Olomouc Czech Republic was able to think big?  ABSOLUTELY!!  And so can you!

The incredible gift of beginning a new year conjures up earth shattering, show stopping ideas.  All that we can and want to achieve with this brand new year is given amazing power by that magical date, January 1!

We’d love to inspire, then challenge you, yes you, to follow through on those ideas.  With as much help and inspiration as we can provide, because what we do is all about you.  As you will soon find out in following us, other people and books are a huge part of our inspiration.  And we gladly share sources as we read and learn.

For us, our current read, “The One Thing” by Gary Keller is a HUGE inspiration!!   If you haven’t read the book, now is definitely when you want to carve out time to make it happen.  Go ahead.  Treat yourself to a whole new lease on life!!  If you have read the book perhaps you’d like to read it again now, reinforcing these amazing principles and producing more extraordinary results in your life this year.

In the book’s pages Gary lays out the format which enables, in fact produces extraordinary results in life and business.

Quoting Gary “Only living big will let you experience your true life and work potential.” (emphasis mine).  He unfolds that truth, how to think big, then live big in crystal clear, step by step understandable, simple words and process which draws only one conclusion. I CAN!  And I’m starting right NOW!

Here’s a quick, easy way to buy the book.  Click the link, which will take you straight to  Disclosure: By using this link for your purchase, a small percentage of everything you purchase through the link within 24 hours comes back to us, which means you will be furthering OUR purpose to add massive value in others’ lives – and we appreciate that very much!!  But please, never feel obligated.  Ever!

Truth is, we’re all cut from the same cloth.  It’s what’s done with that cloth which determines the outcome.  Does it become a fine garment of great value and purpose, or a tattered rag?  The very cool thing, the gem of priceless value… it’s very much our choice!


What do those words mean to you?  We’d LOVE to hear your answer.  So would others.  Click the comments below and share your take on that instructive for extraordinary results in your life.

Like this blog? Then please feel free to share it!  And stay tuned for more.  We can’t wait to share what’s going on in our lives, why we’ve been offline for 11 months, and what we see coming up that is off-the-charts-awesome as we do all we can to THINK BIG AND LIVE LARGE!

Thanks a million for taking your valuable time to stop by!  See you next week!  Hint.  We believe it’s a show stopper!

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