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As I write this we have been home a whole two days. That totals about two months home over the last fourteen, sometimes only three or four days at a time! Does that sound crazy, or what?

The point which stands out in this scenario is the fact that we must be very flexible to enjoy such a pace and the daily opportunities presented.

Some of our time away is planned several months in advance. Other travel plans are made, or changed, with a day’s notice. In order to live life with such freedom we must be both organized and flexible.

We have a few daily routines which we seldom stray from. They help us stay grounded no matter where in the world we find ourselves.

These routines engender the first hours of our day, which in our case, begins early. Having taken care of those priorities, regardless what the rest of the day holds, we find ourselves ready for anything.

We also have routines in our style of communication and action which we follow without much conscious thought. For instance, when learning about an opportunity, David or I automatically take it to the other, discuss and decide together, then follow through accordingly. Neither decides independently, always as a team, considering our time, resources and interest level.

As well, when in action, each of us automatically slides into the part of the plan that best suits us, for example me, the organizational and administrative aspects, and David the mechanical, technical elements. Each of us brings our passions to the table and together have this amazing experience as we go places and have the best time of our lives doing things to benefit others.

Summing up, established routines allow us to be flexible.

Flexibility comes into the equation foremost in seeing opportunities as doable. It is far too easy to write off an idea as impossible because of time, resource or location restraints. For that reason we both purpose to keep ourselves wide open to as many opportunities as possible. This requires a mindset that is always prepared for the unexpected.

Allow me to clarify. We most definitely make plans and we execute most of those plans. Yet we are not so steadfastly rooted to any given plan that we can’t turn on a dime and reroute or add dimension (read changes) as we go.

A case in point. Our last month was spent with a family walking the path of one family member recovering from a transplant. We had no preconceived notion of how we might come alongside, only the intent to do so.

As the days unfolded each presented infinite new opportunities, including but not limited to many quiet conversations, listening to hearts, cleaning, fixing leaking faucets, pipes, broken doors, faulty vehicles and computers, cooking meals and desserts, shopping and running errands.

In that time we also had many opportunities to help others beyond this family, in equally diverse ways. The possibilities and opportunities were endless, are endless. And here’s the key. We actively watch for them. We are constantly looking to broaden our horizons in being of service helping others. Seek and ye shall find. And our life truly is so much richer and fulfilling as a result. Our cup truly runneth over!

I leave you with this question today. How flexible do you rate yourself, and what do you do with that which amplifies your positive influence in the world and to the people around you?

Thanks for stopping by! We love to share what works for us, and occasionally what doesn’t, that we can benefit you and add value to your life.

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Until next time, live large and enjoy the journey!

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