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Just Do It!

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Just Do It!

February 18, 2017      In Shelley's Blog No Comments

“HOW do you do what you do?”

We hear that question often about many aspects of our lives and we endeavor to answer to the best of our ability in all that we share.

Each post contains a critical element of the answer, this post included.

Our message unfolds as a story.  One in which we engage together with you.

With each post thus far we share a component which is integral to our lives, answering the How, What, When, Where and Why questions.

And here’s a fact.  We’re practicing to be extremely valuable, but not perfect!

I hope we never appear perfect because personally I don’t relate to ‘perfect people’.  That’s not the real stuff of life.

We’re practicing to make this time worth every moment you spend with us, to add massive value to your life.

One of our first statements made was that we are always learning.  That is very much a choice.  We do not have the time to do so.  We make the time, carving it out of a very busy schedule.  I, Shelley, the Copy Gal, said that I was committed to learning how to best serve you folks with my words, and that I was being mentored by the best.

To that end we carved time out for a webinar by one of the best at his craft, Jerry Jenkins, author of 192 books, including the New York Times Best Selling Left Behind series.

Following that webinar I committed to one year in his membership site  This is no small commitment for me, or us.  It involves one of our most valuable resources, time.  Particularly as we continue to travel extensively.

It would be much easier to let this opportunity go.  To say “I’d LOVE to, BUT…”  Busy.  Not enough time.  Unknowns about internet access as we travel, I might not follow through.  And so on.

However, I simply must overcome the deterents and Just Do It!

That’s the bottom line.

Just Do It!

Nike made that a household phrase, but why did it stick?  Because it’s about the best thing we can ever tell ourselves. The best action we can ever take.  The critical ingredient.  It sums up the story of a successful, fulfilling, exciting life.

Just Do It!

And that’s truly our story.  Examine everything you ever hear from us and you’ll see that action repeated often.

That is the action we purpose to take with every great opportunity that comes our way.

And that was the bottom line this morning as I wrestled with the pressure of committing to the membership.

Successfully run through the filter of “Does this opportunity advance me, us, in the direction we are desiring?”  there was one step left.

Just Do It.  Overcome the excuses or fears and make it happen.


The awesome life David and I lead is simply a series of events which unfold as we consistently apply that action.

Sometimes we stumble and fall.  When that happens we pick ourselves up, brush off the dust, learn as much as possible from the experience, and move right on!  With the take-away the fails often turn into our biggest wins as we live and learn.

But most times we win, having a blast in the process, living so large that we can’t even describe it, and all for simply biting the bullet and DOing it, whatever ‘it’ is.

David and I practice this action daily.  We make a conscious effort to consider every opportunity that comes our way, but nothing actually happens until we make that one critical decision, to do it.

And that’s the message today.  Everything in our lives hinges on action.

Everyone strives to put into action the things in life that mean the most to us.  Yet endless obstacles get in our way.

Fact is, we have to push past every single one to make things happen.

David and I don’t go this road alone.  We have many tools with which we work.

We have our faith to guide, instruct, direct and encourage.  So do you, whatever your faith base may be.

We have many mentors who have gone before us and gladly share all they know to help us in books, webinars, online and live courses and conferences.  Excellent resources are endless.

Together David and I are constantly consuming information that takes us to the next level in our areas of interest.

And daily we discuss and apply what we are learning.

Summing it up. DO it, whatever your ‘it’ is.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Now go and enjoy your life doing your next excellent opportunity.

Live Large!

Enjoy the journey!!


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