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Perfect Imperfection

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Perfect Imperfection

Recently we shared a secret, that ‘magic pill’ that is PERSPECTIVE.

With that post we used a photo to demonstrate.

That photo is extremely far from perfect!

It has too much distracting background ‘noise’.

The focus isn’t crisp (taken from a moving vehicle through an unclean windshield).

The angle could have been much better.

It doesn’t even include all of the subject.

Et cetera.

Sooo imperfect!

Yet it was absolutely perfect to demonstrate what we were talking about.  Perspective.

And that leads perfectly into the topic of this blog.

We always promise a bit of the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Real life.

And right off, I’m going to tell you that this ‘story’ has a twist.  Provided by perspective.

That said, all aboard…

As life goes, we all hear about and early on begin to formulate in our minds “The Fairy Tale Life”. The Perfect Life and the stuff those fairy tales are made of.

We start dreaming those dreams, imagining it all as reality.  And on some level, in some measure we take aim at that goal.  Even without action, if that be the case, our thought life still strives in that direction.

And then real life gets in the way.  Wakes us up with a nightmare.  Shocks us out of our fairy tale slumber with a thump.  A fall out of bed.

A tragedy.  Or several.

Suddenly nothing is perfect.  Far from it.  All of life can seem one big nightmare from which we just want to wake up.

Been there.  Done that.  Just sayin’.

You too?  Uh huh!

And here’s the deal.

Just like that picture, life is not perfect, yet whatever unfolds does serve perfect purposes in each of our lives!

How crazy and convoluted is that statement?!  Yes, I hear you.  But let me explain.

In many ways, and to many observers, our life has been amazing and awesome.  True, by the way, but not remotely perfect.  We constantly strive, always have, to let others know that we too have challenges and struggles, even detailing many, openly sharing.

News flash.  No one listens.  People believe what they see, not what they hear.  And we all put our best foot forward, right?  After all, positive is what encourages others.

But years ago when something in our life suddenly went sideways in a very serious way, all of a sudden people began hearing the truth, because they saw it, too.  As we walked the biggest trial of our lives others began to take notice, watch and listen.  And learn, looking for ways to benefit through our shared experience.  It was amazing.

And that major imperfection, that major tragedy, became a catalyst for me personally to be down on my face (absolutely not just on my knees!) before my Lord, praying like never before.

I absolutely knew then that it was all of Him and none of me!

And frankly speaking, in my economy, which is God’s to the best of my meager ability, this unexpected destination turned out to be as perfect as it gets!

I assure you, my ‘picture’ at the time was far worse than any shabby photo.  And yet absolutely perfectly what I needed to grow, learn, and rise to the next level.

No need to share details.  Simply picture the worst thing that’s ever happened to you.  It’s akin to that.  Point is,  God had a perfect plan in it all!

We find this so true in all of life.

We all love the perfect times and the perfect picture our minds envision.

Yet we benefit and learn the most through the seemingly imperfect times.

The two of us love that truth.  That’s something real and tangible.  We can hang onto that.  Take it to the bank.  Let it mature and grow.  And make our lives that much more awesome as it bears fruit.

And we get plenty of practice because life is just not our version of perfect.  Sooo glad that it’s far better than that!

Now, how cool is that when we can start celebrating the crashes that happen in life?

More on that another time, including perspectives that work for us when we’re in the middle of a storm.

Andy Andrews, a favorite author and example in our lives, refers to these as “storms of perfection”. We seek to see and embrace these times and trials as special gifts, with huge potential and great benefit!

How about you?

We’d LOVE to hear about an ‘imperfect’ circumstance which you look back on and celebrate as perfect.  Tell us about it in the Comments below.

We all know this is the stuff of life.  Your life, and our lives together.

And we’re sincerely eager and glad to have you share because it’s collectively that we do this.  You and us together, living life and benefiting one another as we share and care.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

As always, if you know someone who would love to be a part of our community please feel free to share our link or this post.  We’re most fulfilled when able to benefit others.

Till next time, have a GREAT day, and an AWESOME week ahead.

Enjoy the Journey!

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