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Watching Him Work

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Watching Him Work

February 4, 2017      In Shelley's Blog No Comments

Right now I’m just sitting here, watching David work.

“What’s with that?” you ask.

Watching David work is one of my favorite things to do.  It’s not something I do often.  Simply because I’m usually right alongside, loving most the DOing together.

But I do glimpse often, with an immediate sense of awe and admiration.

And occasionally I enjoy the privilege of more time to just watch this man, my amazing husband.


Because David makes a masterpiece of absolutely anything he does, whether sweeping a floor or replacing a marine engine.  He’s a master at both, and so very, very much more.

He gives his absolute ALL to any and every single task.  He tackles each as an opportunity to do his very best.  To go the extra mile.  In fact he goes an extra thousand miles in my estimation to do the best he can.

And David will tackle absolute anything, irregardless of experience.  Whether he’s done it a thousand times, or has never seen it before, he seizes every opportunity to solve a problem, make something better, or fix it, blessing others and learning along the way as he, and we together enjoy this incredible journey that is our life using all that we have, and all that we are!

It is in part why we have become the GoToGuys for so many in our lives.  We’re thrilled for any and every opportunity to share and bless others with whatever we have, whether time, talent or energy, any resources at our disposal.

And David’s work is THEE BEST.  Seriously.

I love, admire and respect David far beyond words.

Yes, he’s my husband and very best friend ever these last twenty-four plus years.

But I absolutely assure you that love and respect has been earned a million times over.

Whatever David does, he pays attention to every single detail.

Example.  The part of the project at hand this second is prepping concrete with poly, then foam underlay, before laying laminate.

David, in his infinite attention to detail which makes the finished product a work of art, is aware of every single raise or blemish in the concrete, and has figured out how to remove each one, that the integrity of the final surface, laminate, is not compromised in any way.

Like I say, it’s a supreme joy to watch him, always learning as I do so.

There are endless opportunities to learn from those who have been placed in our lives. In seizing those opportunities we get to live life more fully, completely and with no regrets!  Learning from others expands our horizons, in fact our whole world, in ways far beyond one’s comprehension.  And keeps life interesting and different, with never a dull moment.

David isn’t the only person I learn from.  The world over, wherever we go and whatever we are doing to help others, those whose paths we cross give us continuous opportunity to be learning and growing as we interact with each.  And we love to say so.

Few things are more encouraging than being told your actions and example have a positive influence on others!

Question.  Who do you watch and learn from in your life?   Good friend?  Coworker?  Mentor?  Spouse?  Children?  Let us know.  And let them know too.  What you share will inspire others!

Glad to have you stop by today!  If you enjoyed and were encouraged by what you read go ahead and scroll down to the bottom and join the GoToGuys Community by giving us your first name and email address.  We’ll be thrilled to have you onboard and will let you know whenever we have something to share!

Till next time…

Live Large and Enjoy the Journey!!

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