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Risky Business

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Risky Business

January 28, 2017      In Shelley's Blog No Comments

In previous blogs we talked about different elements that must exist in our lives for us to do what we do as TheGoToGuys.

We’ve discussed the critical nature of “perspective”, knowing our “why”, and possessing a continual desire and willingness to learn.

This week we considered other key elements which predominate, allowing us to enjoy this extraordinary life going anywhere and doing just about anything for others. Real time, we also completed a large project and then traveled 4630km, through a few time zones and major climatic change into our next exciting adventure.

Indeed, we completed a chapter and began the next in this incredible amazing story that is our life!

Making the shift, both mental and physical, and preparing for the unknown, it suddenly struck us how much risk is involved. How much risk we take, and all the time.

Fact is, all adventure involves risk. And often, the greater the risk, the greater the adventure! Are you onboard and following? Great!

Allow me to clarify. We are not talking about daredevil jump-off-the-cliff type risk. We’re speaking of that which simply takes you, me out of our comfort zone. And into new realms of thinking, acting, and doing life.

And it’s surprising how easily we all can choose ‘the norm’, that which keeps us safely within the bounds of the known, balking at anything outside that ‘safe’ zone.

Yet just outside the safe zone lies the most awesome, amazing adventures of our lives.

And that is exactly where we, David and Shelley live and operate!

We rarely know what tomorrow holds because we choose to make ourselves available. And that means risk.

As a rule in North America and many parts of the world most live a life of relative structure, perhaps with a 9-5, Monday to Friday vocation, a home to return to, friends and family we spend time with on a regular basis, activities and surroundings that are familiar.

‘Going and Doing’, anything and anywhere in the world as David and I do, involves none of the above. We seldom know what tomorrow holds, the paths we will cross and needs we will be meeting.

We are constantly treading new territory, sometimes completely foreign terrain. And that certainly involves risk! It may seem easier and more comfortable to seek the safety of what is already known.

But the excitement and miraculous nature of what is possible as we step into the realm of the unknown, now that is the stuff of life that keeps us in a state of awe and amazement as we take each step. And as we look back each morning at the incredible events which blossomed in the previous day.

And YES, we do take that time each and every morning to look back and reflect. We get to relive the adventure all over again and have such fun!

Are you thinking “Hold on! I’m just not that adventurous. I like to know what tomorrow holds. I like my ducks in a row. I don’t like the unknown!”

Then consider this.

All of life is in fact unknown. We don’t actually know what tomorrow holds, nor the next minute, for that matter. We only think we know. It’s true. Think about it.

Nothing is ever for sure. We live our lives by faith, whether we know it or not.

A simple case in point. When you sit down in a chair, you do so by faith, believing that chair is going to hold you. In fact, you are taking a calculated risk, believing by faith and previous experience that this will work out well for you.

So what about the rest of your life? How about applying that analogy to do a little more
‘getting out of the boat’ and trying out that walking on water thing, taking risks, by faith.

Scared all of a sudden? Uncomfortable? I doubt it.

I think you just found an awesome treasure you never knew was there. And you’re gonna hold it close, check it out, look at it from every angle till you see its brilliance reflected in this awesome life you get to live.

And then you’re going to step out of your boat, taking a bit of calculated risk, with confidence and the excitement your new treasure has given you.

Just sayin’.

That about sums it up. David and I are willing to take risks venturing into the unknown in life, applying experience gained from the last step to take the next step, in faith, just knowing this life is meant to be lived! Full on, full out, making it matter for now and eternity!

So tell us. What resonates with you about taking risk? What awesome adventure is happening in your life because you have stepped out of your comfort zone? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below as together we get to share this incredible adventure that is life!

See you next week.

And until then, rock that boat as you climb out!

Live large and enjoy the journey!

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