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Have You Ever Pondered Why?

Last post we talked about the “why” in anything.  And how absolutely critical  it is in life to know our “why”.  In my story of learning, I didn’t.  And it stifled me.

After devoting a lot of time in high school to specific academic studies which I felt were pointless exercises, it was a while before I purposely engaged in the idea that “I GET to learn now, whatever I CHOOSE.  And for the rest of my life!”

Now how totally awesome and amazing and exciting is that privilege?!  Seriously!!  Do you get that? It is a privilege to learn.  It’s true!  Yet it really took me years to reengage with that truth.

You, too?  Did any stumbling blocks occur in your beginning, that left you cold?  Or stuck?

That’s the Ugly part.  At least for me.  I don’t recall talking about it much.  But I was living it.  Struggling inside.  Knowing I was missing something important in this equation.  Feeling sure that life was meant to be full-on exciting, and interesting, and with great, awesome challenges.  At least that was my plan for life.  And this sure didn’t fit!

WOW, was it ever a struggle to conform! I was definitely standing up on the inside.  Thinking surely there was something different.  But what?

After high school I was very clear on one thing. I was NOT going to waste another moment on anything in life that wasn’t exactly right up my alley.

The determination was great.  The ‘fight’ that accompanied it, not so much.  That was the Bad.  Struggle and strife, anger and angst.  Not fun. Or part of the picture we desire.

Yet, I felt I had to fight to not have my time wasted.  Crazy!  I had yet to learn that I could simply choose live outside that box of convention. And the how-to.  That choice was now totally mine…

Please don’t miss that revelation in this sea of words.  The choice is mine.  Yours.  Ours.

All the rest GOOD now, you ask?  It all depends on perspective. Back at The Secret of Post #2!

David and I camp a lot on perspective in our lives.   And when it’s skewed, we do all we can to course correct as soon as possible!  You’ll see that as you get to know us.  And you will see how the right perpsective gets us where we want to go.  In every area of our lives!

Back onboard…

Being determined not to waste another moment, I was extra sensitive to what I did want to do.  What excited me.

And a few real cool things did excite me.

I loved serving people!  In my early teens I heard about Candy Stripers, young people who volunteered in the local hospital helping patients.  I REALLY wanted to do that, but transportation across town to the hospital did not exist for me, so I let the idea go and it didn’t happen.

Similar opportunities didn’t exist in that day until age sixteen.  But then came work as a waitress!  I LOVED that job, brief as the experience was as summer work.  I viewed that as very cool opportunity!

Crazy, you say?  Minimum wage, which was about $1.50 per hour, when others could make $8 at the local mill.  The less desirable shifts because I was new and young…  However, it’s all about perspective. And mine was “This is an AWESOME privilege!!”

I loved it, poured all of myself into it, and incidentally, having the perspective that this job was an incredible privilege, I learned all I could to be my personal best at what I was doing.

NEVER allow conventional opinion to influence your views or choice.  Just sayin’.

Not long after, with a few more cool opps in between, I had another very cool opportunity.  You might agree with this one.  Air Traffic Control.  That reeeally captured me, AND the essence of who I am!  New, exciting, different every day, challenging, multitasking, thinking ahead, keeping many moving parts going, and in order.  Totally up my alley!!

The year of my training Cosmopolitan Magazine published an article titled “Those Ultra Cool Death Defying Air Traffic Controllers!”  Those words “Ultra Cool” embodied my passion and heart to a word.

And with ll that, a SUPER INTENSE LEARNING SEASON.  I had to hussle!  As in memorize word-for-word pages and pages of air regulations and air navigation orders, and then apply them perfectly, to make that grade.  And I did.  The determination in something I loved doing, more and more with each day, that motivated me.  Big time!

Thinking back, this opportunity took me beyond the resentment of having to waste time learning in high school, straight into the zone of wanting to keep learning.  I was working very hard at something which was a real fit for me.  Both what I was learning and the model of learn and immediately application.

As they say, the rest is history.  Life has been off the charts awesome AND incredible because we two both LOVE learning and thrive in that environment.

The point is this

It’s ALL about learning, in areas which interest.  Me.  You.

For those of you who ask how we do what we do, a love for LEARNING is a huge component.

Absolutely EVERYTHING we do today is built upon what we learned yesterday.  And simply acting on that learning.

And being willing to learn something new.  Test uncharted waters.  Just Go For It.

Sound easy to you?  Or difficult.  I suspect it’s surely one or the other.

Here’s where we offer inspiration.  Or encouragment.  Whatever you need.

Recently we attended a short webinar by John C. Maxwell.  Now THERE’S a man that totally walks his talk.  Plain and simple.

In forty minute or so John shared material from his online course 15 Secrets to Growth,   based on his Best Selling book
The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential

Yes, we have since ordered that book.  We can’t wait to start reading it. We are ALL over that one, after what John has shared.  From his own life, and what he has learned about this subject.  ALL OVER THAT.  I repeat.

David and I have been learning all our lives.  And proactively taking action.  Which is Exactly why we want to take that to the next level.  And then the next.  Always

And that’s today’s nugget.  Learning.  Growth.

We get to do it from the day we are born until we take our last breath.

Got that?  We get to do it.  An AMAZING PRIVILEGE in this world of ours.

Question.  Are you LIVING that privilege?

Do you love learning.  And seek it.  And LOVE where it’s taken you?

Or have you been feeling stuck?  Knowing you want more, that there IS more, but not knowing how.  Or where.  Or when you’ll find time. (Hint.  Time is made. Not found.)

Not found your “why”?

Here’s a place to start.  Check out that book.  We’ll do it together.  And give us YOUR feedback on it.

Or, if you aren’t a reader, get the audio version.

Whatever our learning style, in this modern day like never before, we absolutely can be constantly well fed, learning and growing!  All the time.

You’re here reading this because you want to be learning.  Expanding your boundaries.

That’s GREAT!  AWESOME!!  We’re doing this together.

Together making it the best it can be.

This post is looong.  Gotta tighten up.  Next time, I promise!

Hey, We’d LOVE to hear from you!  What insights on learning do you have that will certainly benefit the rest of us in the community?  Or what struggle have you overcome?  Share in the Comments below.  We read and value every one!

Together we learn.  TOGETHER we grow.  It’s all about the village, not the individual.

Thanks for stopping by today.  We hope you are encouraged and inspired, loving life’s opportunities even more.

If you enjoyed this and would like more, head to the end of the post and leave your first name and email address..  We’ll let you know first up when we post again.

Until then Live Large, Love Learning, and Enjoy the Journey!!

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