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The Good, Bad, and Ugly

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The Good, Bad, and Ugly

January 14, 2017      In Shelley's Blog No Comments

Last time we shared THE Secret – if you missed it, check it out.  A quick read which may light your fire.

And we know the accompanying picture really challenged!  Kinda ugly.  And really hard to take in. Right?  Challenged you to gain perspective.  Big time!  That was the plan.

But now, to relieve your concern about our taste in photography, and as a contrast, we chose this gem found at the waterfront of Kotor Bay, Montenegro.  Enjoy!

 In our previous post we promised a bit of the good, the bad and the ugly next time.

So lets go.

As the story of David & Shelley’s Awesome Amazing Adventures goes, our choice in Perspective leads to much more.

major in “more” is LEARNING.  It is a HUGE part of how we do what we do.

I start with a story.  Somehow, by God’s grace, as a young person I got beyond a total lack of understanding (and the resulting stumbling block) about WHY I had to learn so many things in high school that I felt I’d never use again. The reason I was given?  “It’s right to learn a little bit of everything”.  Frankly, I don’t completely agree.  Not to this day.

Regardless, I kept on learning after high school.  By default, really. I was learning without realizing it, looking into things, subjects, activities which then actually INTERESTED me.

Seriously, I have never used biology, chemistry and advanced math since learning those disciplines.  Never!  And YES, I did wonder, even as I was studying the material, how it would ever be relevant in my life.  That’s a major mental challenge for a young person who knows the key to life is to learn discernment and make wise decisions, yet in this area, you are to toss that developing discernment, and simply do what you are told.

I LOVED math, but always wondered where I would ever use anything beyond the basic math learned in those first fours years… just sayin’. A wise person once said if you enter into that specific discipline in advanced education, you will then review and relearn it all.  This begs the question “Why in high school, only to be repeated!”

I didn’t question English, though my less-than-stellar attitude about the other subjects most certainly leavened my thinking about learning, and ‘formal’ education in general.

Indeed, I was missing one simple fact.  Which is that learning is not limited to academic subjects.  Or the limits of the formal educational system.  (Oh what a freeing revelation that truth finally was!)

And though I fared well in ‘school’ according to my grades, I felt horribly stifled in my spirit.  I didn’t have the “why” around learning these things!  And no one could have successfully answered the why, because those subjects simply were not me, not part of my calling, not part of what I was about, or who I am today.

However, measurements in those days, and indeed still today, sway heavily toward academic education and a degree.  Indeed, that degree has progressed to a doctorate in many cases. Interesting that what was enough is not any longer.  Something odd afoot there.

No problem, if that’s your thing.  You will absolutely benefit from that model if it is your calling.

It definitely was not mine.  And existing in that box was just not going to be my life.  No matter how much I enjoyed the ‘comforts of conformity’.  Without my own solid “why” to engage my passions conformity was never going to work for me.  More on that in a future post.

Folks I must stop here.  I’ve written a whole lot more. BUT.

Here’s the deal.  David inspires us both.  And I write.

A lot.  A bit like I talk…

And I’m working hard on less is more!

So here we stop the train for today.

What hurdles or obstacles to learning happened, or are now happening in your life that make this post leap out and make you shout “I’m not alone!”

What, about the model, or models you know, that just didn’t fit for you?

Feel free to head over to the Comments to share a similar challenge or experience, and how you overcame it.

We’re all ears, and we’d love to have your feedback!

Life experience is different for each and every one of us.  The same life experience will translate differently for any two people.  Because we are not the same. We are each created unique and different.

Therefore it follows that collectively we can share our experiences, and therein encourage one another to the next level, indeed our greatest level of success in living this awesome, amazing opportunity called Life.

Your experience counts.  What you see and have to say matters!  Big time.

Believe that, right off!!  Then jump aboard and have a chat with us.

More on the good, bad and ugly, which becomes GREAT, next time!

Thanks for riding with us today.  If you want to save time searching and would like our next post as soon as it’s out, scroll to the bottom and simply leave your name and email address.   You’ll have first dibs at the next and future posts.

Then read, as and when you’d like some encouragement or inspiration!

Till next time, Live Large and Enjoy the Journey!!

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