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The Secret

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The Secret

January 7, 2017      In Shelley's Blog No Comments


Last time we said we’d share a secret.

In one word, that secret is



The photo is a case in point.

You may have glanced, and said “What on earth…?!!”

And maybe taken a closer look, just to be sure it’s real.

Yep.  No photo shop here!  Note the blur…

Raw.  Hard on the eyes!

And real.


We’re not imagining for even a split second that you wish YOU had one of these cool machines.  That you’d love to trade in your wheels for this one.

Yet it’s all about perspective.  To the owner of that marvel of the not-so-modern world, with whom we shared the alleys and avenues of Eastern Europe, it is pure GOLD.  Complete with bucket seat.

No joking.  It may have taken his last dollar.  And most definitely a whole lot of ingenuity.  It surely cost many hours of labor.  And it surely IS a gift that keeps on giving.


Imagine how much faster it gets him from A to B.  Than walking.  Or the horse drawn cart.

Imagine how much more he can carry.  Infinitely more than what his arms and back might do.

Imagine the others helped as he transports them.  Or their goods.

Keep imagining.

Thinking deeper.

We gain perspective that way.


And we learn to appreciate what WE have.

In a whole new way.


On this first leg of your journey with us, we share the one secret which is key to all of life.

And most certainly thee key to Living the Dream.  Your dream.  My dream.



Yes.  We know.

You’ve heard it a million times before.

In a hundred different ways.


But have you heard it?


Did it travel from head to heart?


Is it resonating from you as you breathe?


Or is it still a seed laying dormant.  A word without meaning.


Whatever the word perspective means in your life, we want to share a book, or more so an author, and his books, which say it all.  Far better than we ever could.


It helps that the man who penned the words is a multi best-selling author.

It helps far more that he lives his talk before he shares it with you and I.


Andy Andrews is the very first person, link we’d like to share as our gift to you.

Begin with his book “The Traveler’s Gift”.  Or “The Noticer”, if you prefer.  Your call.

Andy’s manager, (The) Robert D. Smith, suggested we begin with The Traveler’s Gift.

And The Noticer is absolutely spell-binding, riveting, and interestingly somewhat autobiographical.


A side note, if I may.  Meeting and spending time with Robert is what prompted our interest in the books.

He too, ‘walks the talk’.  Miraculously so!

We’re absolutely certain ALL who know Robert will overwhelmingly, enthusiastically agree.

It follows that when Robert shared that the two men were “closer than brothers”,we knew we wanted more of this influence in our lives! 


Chances are, like us, you’ll want to read ALL the rest of his books. Andy’s wit and wisdom are absolutely unsurpassed.  And in plain English which we all hear, because it’s straight from his heart.


And he’s a very humble guy.  It’s all about YOU, not him!  That truth resonates in all he does.  ALL.


And Andy is all about perspective. And noticing…  

 Perspectives and noticing things which absolutely, positively change lives!


Read and enjoy!!

And be changed if you wish.


Warning.  You just may start giving his books as gifts.

PERFECT gifts, because they just keep on giving!


Now more about PERSPECTIVE.

This cup you and I have been given is more than half full.  Just sayin’.

It’s absolutely overflowing!


If you can’t yet see that, then camp on that secret, our secret, now that we’ve shared it.


Wrestle with it with all you’ve got.

Don’t quit.

Don’t give up.

Don’t give in.

Fight till your last breath if that’s what it takes.


Until you see your cup full and overflowing.


Andy Andrews books and media will help immensely.  If you let them.  And you’re here, so we’re certain you will!


Okay (you say). So what can we do with that “cup runneth over” perspective?

What does it change?

Everything!!!  Absolutely EVERY SINGLE THING.


More next time.

A bit of the good, the bad and the ugly.

AND the best!

It’s crazy unbelievable, even as we, David and Shelley look back.

But it’s real.

And true.

Stay tuned.


A now question for YOU.

What is your current perspective?

Is it “I can’t”.

Or is it “I can. And will!”  

Or a bit of both.  

We’d LOVE to hear from you.  Share your passion or your pain, your joy or sorrow.


And If you have read any of Andy Andrews we’d love to hear how his books have influenced your life.


As always, please feel free to share our link with anyone you know who will love the interaction and encouragement as we all seek together to Live the Dream.


Till next time.  Live large!  The choice is yours!!







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