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The Journey Begins!

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The Journey Begins!

December 31, 2016      In Shelley's Blog 8 Comments

 Daylight Dawns. And The Journey Begins.

Finally!  Have you ever added that word to anything?  Yes.  Thought so.

Given the reality that the idea of this blog began nearly four (FOUR!) years ago, we are going to begin exactly there.  With the reality of life that some of our best intentions take a LONG time to execute.

And you know, there’s this thing about time marching on.

Facing that fact means we can choose to quicken our pace.  Get the ball rolling.  Put action to the plan.  Hustle.  And make it happen.

IT?  Whatever we have dreamed about.

Third fact in this sequence.  No one else can make the choice.  The buck stops right here.  With you.  With me.  Others can track with us, join in.  But you and I alone must make the choice for ourselves.  And get the ball rolling.  And keep the ball rolling.

So. Is this where you hop off the train?  I doubt it.  You arrived at this station for a reason.  So go ahead.  Enjoy the ride.  Try it for a while and see where this train goes.

Back at the station…

We, David and Shelley live a life that is sooo unique and unusual that we have constant questions about how we do what we do.  We see the passion and the hope in the eyes of those asking.  We get it.

And we know firsthand the struggle that comes with knowing something can be different, and is possible, but just not knowing where or how to start.  And keep going.

Evidence, this blog.  The idea conceived four years ago.  And the publish button finally pressed today.

There have been a million, well, OK, at least a hundred great reasons for that delay.

Bottom line, we had to finally push through every one, every obstacle in our path, to make this happen.

And the greatest single obstacle happens to be us!  Yeah, you get that too.  Sure.

So, what’s this about?  This site is simply going to take you on the journey of our life, open, honest, candid, raw at times, sharing whatever it takes to Live the Dream as we have learned how, and continue to learn how.  Nothing perfect.  Just real.  Very real.

We’d like to have something new for you three times a week.  Reality says commit right now to once a week so we can keep that commitment to you.  You really matter, and we want to show you that we value your time taken to be here.  So, something new once a week.  If there’s more, bonus!

You will see hot links in the blog.  Those links will take you to places and things which have hugely benefited us.  We want you to know up front that if you click the link you will be taken to Amazon, for example.  We are affiliates.  Which mean we will receive a small portion of the total sale of whatever you might purchase through that link from our site.  Follow?

Any income from our site goes directly to all that we do to help others.

We are not dependent on this income.  Which means you will never be obligated to purchase anything.  EVER!  Please hear that loud and clear.

That said, if you choose to purchase anything at all through our links (not just the item we might recommend, but anything you purchase when  you link to Amazon through our hot links) you’re contributing to us living our dream.  Right up front, awesome, and thanks a million!!  But never expected.  Being here in itself is awesome.  It’s ‘skin in the game’.

Last point about the links.  Anything we ever recommend is from our personal experience, the very best we’ve seen, or used, or experienced.  We can’t and won’t recommend anything we ourselves don’t buy, or use and love.  It needs to vastly add value to our lives before we recommend it to you.  As simple as that.

Next point.  The copy gal (me, Shelley) works hard to be understood.  That can mean too many words.  But we value your time.  Big time!  Which means less words.  And I have awesome mentors.  I’m being taught by the best of the best.  And I’m learning.  I will be practicing less is better.

That said, it’s time to wrap for today.  It’s the last day of 2016, and what has been an EPIC year for us.  We’ll tell you all about it as we go.  Complete with pictures, and more, as we learn.

Next blog, a bit more about our dream, and a secret.

But for now, we get to eagerly, excitedly bring in a whole new year at midnight.  How awesome is that?!!  To be alive and have the choice to thrive!  It just does not get any better!!

And we are ‘singing’ this tune  “Celebrate!  Celebrate!  Dance to the muuusic!”  We did it.  Our journey with you has begun.  Finally!

So tell us.  What journey are you about to begin?  Where is your passion leading?  We’d love to hear about it in the Comments.

And we always welcome any questions you have.  We will answer to the best of our ability.  Our journey is all about sharing and caring, and you are a huge part of it.

As always, feel free to share our link with family and friends whom you feel will benefit from the experience.  The more, the merrier, always, as we travel this awesome journey and opportunity called Life, together.

Till next time, wishing you all a Blessed and Hugely Happy and Joy-filled New Year!!!  Enjoy the Journey!



8 Comments so far:

  1. Marjorie Duncan says:

    Looking forward to hearing more! God Bless:)

    • davidandshelley says:

      And we’re DELIGHTED to hear from you, Marg!

      Oh, how you have poured into our lives, and that of our sons as you tirelessly poured all of yourself into their music theory learning all of those years, thinking sooo far out of the box and making it all happen!!!

      You were, and remain an outstanding example to us!! So very glad to reconnect.

  2. Janette B says:

    Loved reading this post! Such a great way to start off the year! It got me reflecting on my own journey in 2017, where my passions are leading me as a wife of one, mother of four and above all – child of God. Honestly, I’m not sure! But it’s definitely something I would like to spend more thought in.. I am sooo looking forward to following you all from afar on this new journey! Is there a place where I can subscribe to this website/blog for updates? Thanks

    • davidandshelley says:

      Happy and Blessed New Year Janette!!

      Thank you for such encouraging words, both on our Christmas letter AND this post! With a life theme of desiring to add (massive) value in the lives of others, we are so very grateful for your affirming feedback.

      In reading your previous post I was certainly hearing passion in your focus on “Purpose”. MOST INSPIRING!!

      Indeed, we are working on the subscribe ‘button’, delighted with, and for the opportunity of creating TheGoToGuys community together! And we shall keep you posted.

      Keep on enjoying the journey and inspiring others the way you do!!

  3. Cheryl says:

    I so admire you both, David and Shelley. God bless you as you follow your dream! Psalm 37:4-5

    • davidandshelley says:

      Thank you so very much, Cheryl! And as we see and experience YOUR example we say the same, having much admiration and respect for you both, as well as gratitude for the privilege!

      And THANK YOU for the Psalm 37:4-5 reminder! We VERY recently had the supreme privilege of doing (each of us) life plans. This dovetails well with one of my inspirational verses, Matthew 6:33! Have an awesome and blessed New Year, You Both!!!

  4. Kevin and Sharon Casson says:

    Looking forward to this David and Shelley! I have found myself asking the question … How do they do it?? Good for you!

    • davidandshelley says:

      THANKS for your encouraging words, Sharon!!

      We love to share anything that will add value!

      If there is ever anything specific you’d like to know, or have us write about, let us know in the Comments and we’ll answer in a future blog. With great pleasure!

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